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Areas of application
  • Ports
  • Industry
  • Buildings with parking areas
  • Public buildings
  • hotels, bars and catering facilities
  • Car washes
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Petrol stations
  • ...
CE Certification

Hydropure has an extensive range of hydrocarbon separators for removing oil, gasoline, fuel oil and other substances from water in compliance with NEN-858-1/2, class 1. Capacities range from 3 l/sec to 200 l/sec, with or without bypass. All separators are equipped with aerators, sludge collectors, baffle filters and coalescing filters to limit hydrocarbon residue to less than 5 mg/l.

Separators are available in single-skin or double-skin plastic versions. Depending on the installation depth, customers can opt for double-skin separators in variants from SN2 to SN8.

Hydropure prefers fully double-skin separators, as they offer enhanced protection against soil contamination. Optionally, separators can be equipped with sludge and/or oil sensors, overflow alarms, leak detectors and telemetrics systems for remote monitoring. 

Microplastic separators
Microplastic separators filter microplastics from water. Filtered material is transferred to a container and can be easily removed for further processing or disposal. Our microplastic separators can be used in tandem with a hydrocarbon separator. 

Grease separators
Hydropure also offers a range of grease separators for use in the food and catering industries. These feature aerators and anti-odour lids and are available in various volume sizes. We design separators to nominal specifications, then produce them individually to fit in a specific space. Our single-skin and double-skin systems are suitable for above-ground and underground installation. Optional extras include anti-odour lids and grease sensors.

We recommend periodic maintenance contracts for all types of separators.



separators tank - Hydropure
separators tank - Hydropure
separators tank - Hydropure